About Tramadol

What is tramadol?

Tramadol: what is it, release form, indications, instructions for use

It’s no secret that medical manipulations can be very painful for patients. Also, often the recovery period after surgery causes a lot of unpleasant sensations that prevent the patient from concentrating on his recovery. To alleviate these conditions, doctors prescribe painkillers. Some of them belong to the category of narcotic drugs, therefore they are sold in pharmacies only by prescription and require special care when taken. One of the most common tools in this category, which is widely used in Russian medicine, is Tramadol. What kind of drug it is and in what cases its purpose is justified – we will tell readers in today’s article. We will also inform you about the analogues of this drug and its contraindications.

A brief description of the drug. Many people who are in a hospital bed due to a serious illness, the attending physicians write out Tramadol. What is it – they are trying to figure out on their own according to reviews of friends or via the Internet. Unfortunately, the information that is not always received is complete, and patients may even refuse to take the medicine by making incorrect conclusions about it. So what is this “Tramadol”? This drug is characterized as an opioid analgesic that relieves pain syndromes of different course. In parallel, it enhances the effect of sedatives and has antitussive effect. The drug is prescribed for moderate to severe pain, including cancer patients. For them, there is its own dosage regimen and dosage of “Tramadol”. Do I need a prescription for the purchase of this drug? This question is asked by many patients who are recommended to take the drug. Since “Tramadol” is entered in the register of drugs, no one will sell it to you without a prescription with a special seal.

Forms of production

The preparation described by us is used very widely in medicine, thanks to which it is produced in various forms. Although most often appointed “Tramadol” in capsules and tablets. In the article, we will tell readers about all forms of drug release and indicate the dosage acceptable for them. So, in what form can we meet “Tramadol” in pharmacies? Let’s look at this question: Tablets. Patients with pain usually show the tablet form of the drug. Each tablet contains fifty or one hundred milligrams of active and auxiliary substances. It has a round and flat shape with applied risks. In the white color are allowed blotches and light strawberry flavor. The manufacturer produces tablets “Tramadol” in packs with different quantities. For example, at a dosage of fifty milligrams, you can purchase a box with one, two, three, or five blisters, each containing ten tablets. If the doctor prescribes you a long-term reception of “Tramadol”, then it will be more profitable to purchase the drug in a container. It can be up to one hundred pain killer tablets. With a dosage of one hundred milligrams, you can buy medicine in vials, boxes, containers, and cellular packaging. Capsules Outwardly, they look very hard and have a gelatin shell. Depending on the manufacturer, the capsules may vary in size and color. Usually each capsule contains white powder without impregnations. In pharmacies, they can be purchased in blisters, in cartons or vials. The maximum number of capsules per pack is one hundred. “Tramadol” injections. This form of medicine is available in glass ampoules of one and two milliliters. The substance itself is odorless and color, also the appearance of sediment or mist is unacceptable. Drops. This form appeared in pharmacies not so long ago, but it was rather quickly appreciated by both physicians and patients. Drops may have a brownish tint and pronounced mint flavor. Each bottle is packed in a cardboard box. By volume, it varies from ten to one hundred milliliters. Suppositories. “Tramadol” in the form of rectal suppositories has a white color and a torpedo shape. The package can be one or two blisters, each contains up to ten candles. Keep in mind that each doctor himself chooses the necessary dosage of the anesthetic “Tramadol” and its form. This usually depends on the disease. To buy more cool drugs without prescription, visit our european online pharmacy!