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What is saw palmetto? Read this review


Hair loss is a serious issue that accounts for many cases of low self-esteem and confidence among men and women. There are so many ointments, surgical procedures, and other edible products that have been touted to help with this problem but the question is, how effective are they? Well, those of us who have used them know how that goes; so here is something that will not only prevent hair loss but also nourish your semen production and with minimal side effects.

What is Saw Palmetto?

Saw Palmetto enjoys a long history of use. It dates back to the time of the American Indians and the Mayans with initial documentations showing it was taken with food which would increase hormone metabolism and help rectify prostate level. Scientific research has proven that it contains all the necessary ingredients that are required to cure hair loss. The intake of the extract has changed over the course of time. During the fag end of the French Revolution, many Europeans considered it to be a myth. This thought faded away and now the extract is considered extremely useful for middle-aged and older men.

How It Works

Saw Palmetto berries extract act as a barrier that blocks 5-alpha-reductase, an enzyme which is responsible for converting 5-alpha-reductase to DHT which accounts for hair loss in males. It may not help with the growth of newhair but will prevent you from bald patches.

It is not very clear how exactly it works as many say it acts as a natural suppressor of DHT whereas others believe that it is the rectification of hormone levels that prevents hair loss. The results obtained from scientific research does not shed much light on the mechanism but thanks to many user accounts, Saw Palmetto has proved itself to be a potent medication against hair loss.

How to apply

Indirect application might slow down the rate of recovery but will reduce the chance of any allergic reactions. Soft gels and oils are available in the market along with Saw Palmetto tea, though it is advised that one should refrain from it. 150-200mg of dosage is the general daily recommendation. Additionally, you can up the ante by taking the extract directly, i.e. with food which in turn will hasten the recovery process. Note that it generally takes 11-15 days for the extract to work and in the case of weak body metabolism, the time period may increase.

What to remember before use and some contraindications.

The raw nature of these berries might provoke allergens which may cause pain and irritation. It will be advisable for people who are prone to allergy to take this orally or indirectly. There are few contraindications that should be kept in mind. Pregnant women and children below the age of 12 should not be allowed to use this extract no matter the form or dosage.

People suffering from prostate disorders and liver diseases should also refrain from taking this medication. Nausea and dizziness have been noticed in many, but no serious health hazards have manifested among users of Saw Palmetto. Blood thinning is one effect that this extract produces if taken with dosages of warfarin but so far, no toxicity has been noticed.

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