Tramadol for cancer pain

Composition of the drug

Since the drug is produced in different versions, then its composition varies depending on the form of release. Only the active substance, tramadol hydrochloride, remains unchanged. It is contained in one quantity or another in all preparations produced under the name “Tramadol”: in one milliliter of a solution of its fifty milligrams; about one hundred milligrams in a candle; tablets and capsules can contain fifty or one hundred milligrams of the main active ingredient; in one milliliter drops of one hundred milligrams of the main ingredient. The drug has a number of excipients, for each form of release, they also have their own. For tablets, for example, this list is as follows:

  • saccharin sodium;
  • lactose;
  • flavoring;
  • cellulose and so on.

In solution, the number of auxiliary components is minimal: water for injection; sodium acetate. All substances are harmless to health, however, the manufacturer assumes that an individual allergic reaction may occur to some components in patients.

Indications for use

The drug is prescribed for the relief of pain in the following cases: oncology; injuries; postoperative period. Often the drug helps to reduce the pain during various medical procedures. In some cases, the use of the drug in dentistry, neurology and rheumatology is acceptable. However, in any case, the expediency of his appointment is determined only by the attending physician.

Dosage of drops The action of “Tramadol” does not change depending on its form of release, but each has its own specific regimen and dosage. Drops should be diluted with a small amount of liquid, it does not matter before or after a meal you will take them. You can also drip “Tramadol” on a piece of sugar, in this form, many patients, its taste seems more pleasant. A single dose of twenty drops per day, you can take no more than one hundred and sixty drops. The drug in this form is sometimes prescribed to children up to fourteen years. If your doctor has found it necessary to prescribe such a strong medicine to a child, then its amount should be calculated according to the following scheme: one to two milligrams per kilogram of weight. In terms of age, the dosage may be as follows: one year, from four to eight drops; three years – twelve drops; six years – from eight to sixteen drops; nine years – up to twenty-four drops at a time; from twelve to fourteen years old – up to thirty six drops. The bottle of “Tramadol” is equipped with a very convenient cap with protection from children. The child himself will not be able to open it, which is very important when it comes to such a strong preparation. Rectal suppositories: how to use Usually in this form the drug is prescribed up to four times a day. The patient must enter one candle. The interval between taking the medication should be at least four hours. It is better if this period is six hours.

The analgesic agent in the form of injections can be administered in three ways: intravenously; intramuscularly; subcutaneously. The initial dose of the drug is one milliliter. If relief does not come, then after an hour you can enter again the same amount of solution. With very severe pain, a single dose is increased to two milliliters. In a day, you can take up to eight milliliters of “Tramadol”. The specified dosage should never be exceeded. Instructions for use of drugs for oncological patients To find out how to take “Tramadol” in oncology, it is possible only with your doctor. An individual regimen is drawn up for each patient, depending on the course of the disease, it is adjusted. Usually in the case of cancer patients, a single dosage is never less than one hundred milligrams. Therefore, there is often an addiction to the drug and the syndrome of “cancel” after the termination of his admission.