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Self balancing Scooters vs. electric bikes – which is better?

There are moments in life where each of us needs a change, and there is no doubt that if you want to make a difference in the way you go to work every day, and if you want to spend less time on it, you can do it easily. One small thing that can make a big difference to your day life is if you’ve fixed a scooter and left the car with which you go every day to work, because with a scooter you will not have to stand in the traffic jams anymore. It does not matter how old you are and it does not matter a few years ago you took out your license, because you can always take advantage of it and you can always decide to make that welcome change, especially when there are so many types of scooters for sale.

The hoverboard you will find comfortable

From a variety of scooters for sale that you can see and try to drive, no doubt one of the important things is your comfort. Are you comfortable sitting, do you feel stable enough and whether the scooter is not too big or too small for you. It is important to check all these things and it is most important to take the relevant scooters for test trips because only if you are comfortable on the scooter will you really use it and you will make it easier for your daily life. In terms of safety you should know that today the scooters are much safer than in the past, so there is no doubt that you should not be afraid at all.

Prices for self balancing scooters

As a result there are many types of self balancing scooters for sale that you can buy, there is also a very wide spectrum of prices that can be bought for extremely cheap scooters and you can buy more expensive scooters. Not everyone can buy the most sophisticated and expensive scooter there is, and you should know that in the category of scooters for sale simpler there are quite a few options you should check. Scooters for sale can not be very expensive, and certainly not at all expensive compared to the private car until now held, so this option can be both convenient and cost-effective for you. It is very important to remember that you need to do all the insurance you need after you buy the scooter and before going on the road.

So What is the difference?

1. In some electric bikes, on a downhill route, you can reach a speed of 25-40 km / h, and in an electric scooter because these are small wheels, it is not recommended to exceed 25 km / h.
2. When an electric scooter and an electric bike reach the same speed, the electric scooter will be more difficult to brake because it is not recommended to use a front brake in the scooter. The weight of a standard electric scooter: 8 kg – 17 kg and electric bicycle 15 kg – 30 kg maximum.
3. Safety – Electric bikes have larger wheels and therefore safer. It is important to emphasize quality brakes with electric bicycles and familiar names such as: Electromechanical (mechanical or hydraulic), Shimano (mechanical disc) Pro brake hydraulic (like a motorcycle).
4. What will last longer with one charge? Electric bikes will reach the same speed and distance as an electric scooter in half the charge time of the battery. This is true as long as you do not exceed the speed of 25 kph, and above that speed, it depends on the condition and age of the bike or scooter.
5. Fracture in a scooter is more dangerous than an electric bicycle. The reason is that the wheel bearings from the whole wheel in the scooter are larger and there are models such as the JACKHOT or the rear in CITYBUG, whose tire is full of air, so you will not have a flat tire.
6. When the electric motor on a bicycle collapses, you can pedal to the repair shop or go home. Jackhot & citybug are really easy to lift but most electric scooters with economic 10 inches or more are so heavy that it is uncomfortable to load them on your back and start walking. Of course you will have to call a taxi in the case of Pancher.
7. Minimum age for electric bicycles – 16. Minimum age for electric scooter up to 100W is 12 years, up to 250W The minimum age is like that of the electric bicycle … 16 years.
8. Insurance: You can not insure both of them in Israel.
9. How much do electric bikes cost? A good electric bike will cost between NIS 5,000 – NIS 9,000 which already includes very high-quality hydraulic brakes and excellent 48-volt batteries.
10. How much does a quality electric scooter cost? A high quality electric scooter will cost between 2,500 and 6,000 NIS above it will never justify the price unless something really special and there are no such in the country.

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