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How to get a boy to like you ?

Being in love with someone or just simply liking them is one of the best things that will ever happen to you during your life time. It is also well-known that you can’t actually choose who to like or dislike, it just comes out naturally without even trying that hard in the first place. Still, there can be different situations on which the boy you like doesn’t feel the same way about you and being rejected is the saddest and negative part of this “in love thing”.

Healing a broken heart as well as a broken self-confidence could take more time than actually trying to get the boy you want, so instead of crying yourself out, get back on your feet and ready for the conquest of love in order to win the jackpot. With that being said, we took the liberty of creating a how to get a boy to like you guideline to reveal you some of the many dating secrets, which are the key to the opportunity of having a great relationship.

5 rules on how to make a boy to like you

1. The first thing you might want to do is to try to talk to him as much as possible using different methods. If you’re having the chance to meet him in person in various locations, such as school or university, instead of acting all crazy about him, just relax and calm yourself down. Acting normally and naturally is a crucial thing, otherwise you’ll got him think that you’re being some overly attached girl who has eyes only for him, even if that is true.

2. Be cheerful instead of needy! Give him some space, but when you have the opportunity glance at him a couple of times and even show him a bit of your innocent, still eye-catching smile, then ignore him for the rest of the day.

3. Act feminine in every single occasion he meets you, because being feminine is the most powerful weapon which can be used to get the boy you like. Also, having a feminine and sexy outfit, without showing too much should give you bonus points, so pay attention to these kind of details.

4. When talking to him try to find common interest in order to be able to have an interesting conversation and therefore, say sweet things, and spend some quality time with him. Another thing you should definitely avoid is agreeing with him even when you’re not. In general, boys like girls with strong personality and well-founded ideas about anything and trying to approve their opinion only to get them would be the worst mistake you can do.

5. Finally, our last advice for how to get the boy you like is to be your own charming self, because that is what matters the most in a relationship. If he doesn’t like you for what you really are, then you should reconsider the idea of trying to get him to be with you at any cost, because is not going to make you feel happy at all.

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