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What is an Inversion Table And how can it solve your back pain

What is an inversion table ?

An inversion table refers to a table used for an inversion therapy. An inversion therapy, on the other hand, refers to the kind of therapy administered to a patient as they lie either upside down or at an inverted angle, usually while hanging by their legs, feet ankles or with the aim of therapeutic benefits.

The popularity of inversion tables has been on the increase with many medical practitioners recommending them as essential equipment in their various health centers. It is important to note that this increase is attributable to a corresponding increase in popularity of the inversion therapy and while the two terms cannot be used interchangeably, hardly can one be mentioned without the other getting a mention as well.

Benefits of an Inversion Table

The first benefit of these tables is their ability to relieve back pain. When one lies on them, or ‘hanging by the feet’ as is more appropriate in the medical field, they cause the muscles located in the back to stretch and expand. This stretching results in the easing of pain that often builds up as a result of joint decompression caused when the weight of the body is suspended from the lower body.

The tables also allow for flexibility during an inversion therapy, due to their flat shape. This means that during the therapy, the body often has much control and will adjust from being in an upright position to falling horizontally or even going completely upside down.

Who shouldn’t use the tables?

With all their benefits, there are a group of people who are discouraged from using the tables due to the likelihood of compromising their health and security. The first group of people are those with heart disease. This is because the tables may interfere with the mechanism of the heart which in turn may affect the circulation of blood, either resulting in high or low blood pressure or heart rate.

Another group of people discouraged from using these tables are those with eye complications. Due to the inversion nature, it is only natural that the eyes will be affected. However, if you already have an underlying eye complication such as glaucoma, these tables may just act as the agents to worsen your situation.


Pregnant mothers are also not encouraged to use inversion tables as it may interfere with the position of the baby. To all people, the tables may cause acid reflux as the power of gravity may not be able to prevent stomach contents from rising up the gut, given that you will be in an inverted position when using them. In a nutshell, anyone trying to use these tables for the very first time should do so I the company of a doctor, therapist or any other trained professional, just in case anything goes wrong.

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