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How to achieve maximum height ?


Achieving maximum growth is highly desirable because it enables individuals to explore their full potential. It is common knowledge that taller people always have much confidence compared those with stunted growth. Even though growth is mostly determined by genes, there are controllable measures that you can take to make you grow taller especially at the puberty stage. They include;

Proper diet intake; the food that you consume greatly determines the pattern of your growth. This does not mean that you should be eating indiscriminately but it simply means that you should be selective on the type of food you eat. Eat foods rich in calcium because this component facilitates growth of bones. Foods rich in calcium include dairy products, spinach, and kales. You should also consume proteins which enhance muscle growth like fish, dairy, white poultry meat, and soy. Vitamin D also facilitates both bone and muscle growth and it can be found in mushroom or fish. Additionally, you should consume foods rich on zinc like pumpkin, wheat germ, and peanuts. However, you should avoid eating fatty foods and processed sugars because they inhibit the release of growth hormones.

Get sufficient sleep; It is during sleep period that the human growth hormone (HGH) in humans is released. Therefore, it is important to follow a sleeping schedule that allows you to have enough sleep every night. Make sure that you spend at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night so that the growth hormone released by the pituitary gland gets ample time to coordinate the growth process.

Have a regular workout schedule; Doing jumps and stretches is a good way of your facilitating growth. Sporting activities like soccer, rope skipping, basketball, cycling, or volleyball are also good at boosting the growing process. A good exercise routine contributes to an active pituitary gland that eventually makes you grow taller. However, you should avoid lifting heavy weights because they will compress the backbone cartilages and limit your growth.

Assume and upright posture; be very conscious with the sleeping, sitting, or standing postures you always use because they contribute a lot towards your growth pattern. Avoid hunching your back because it puts a lot of strain on your spine and inhibits the growth of the lumbar bones. Instead, you should train yourself to adopt a straight posture which allows you to spread your shoulders square and slightly backwards. This relaxed position enables the back cartilage disks to thicken and also gives them enough allowance to expand and grow.

Hormone supplements; using this approach to grow taller should be practiced with a lot of caution. Hormone supplements like the Human Growth Hormone (HGM) can be administered orally to assist in facilitating the growth process. The supplements should only be administered through a qualified doctor and should not be taken without professional prescription because they could lead to disproportionate growth. Even though markets are flooded with companies claiming to offer over-the-counter hormone dosages, it is only medical specialists who have access to genuine growth supplements certified by FDA. Hormone supplements are only effective during the formative puberty years.

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