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Is it possible to increase penis size naturally?

The average penis size of an adult male is between 5 and 7.5 inches when flaccid. However, this length may vary daily, for example, when it is cold penis often retreats into fat tissue, which can make it look smaller. Nevertheless, , the natural length of the male penis varies only slightly over its lifetime.

The outer structure of the penis consists of three basic parts, the head, the length and base. The head is the most sensitive area of ​​the penis.

The length is part of the limb between the head and the base, the base is the part that connects the scrotum. Scrotum is the bag containing the sex glands that produce sperm, known as testicles.

The internal structure of the penis also consists of three main structural parts. In this case, three of the buildings are constructed from pipes; Two erectile bodies (corpora cavernosa), and the spongy body. Two bodies of erectile drawn over the penis, while the spongy body, which contains the urethra, runs along the underside of the penis.

The erectile bodies of the penis are largely responsible for erection. This is because the erectile bodies contain blood during an erection, increases the amount of blood inside.

To ensure a good blood supply to any erection, some blood vessels pass along the erectile bodies and a dense network of small nerve fibers ensure the opening and closing of blood vessels right. Also, given that there is no penis rigid structures, such as bones, penis connected to the pubic bone through strong connective tissue, allowing it to remain relatively stable during erection.

Urethra is designed to eliminate urine to the outside world, but can only be considered a pipe when it happens. After the urine was removed, its wall elastic fibers make sure that it will collapse. Penis only serves as an extension of the urethra, allowing men to urinate easily.

Penis enlargement methods available on the market:


In recent years, appeared in commercials for creams claiming to increase your penis by means of regular use. Do they work? Medical evidence proved that there is no external cream that can do more from increasing blood flow to the area, which could help in other programs and may also help erectile rigidity, but these creams can not do anything to increase your penis in practice.

Penis pumps.

One of the most common products advertised penis enlargement is the penis pump. You can find them for sale online, adult stores and even pharmacies. The pump works by creating a vacuum around the penis and bringing blood to the tissue. It can help men who suffer from the blood stream very weak during erection.

There is no real medical perspective resulted in increased penis pumps penis. Men have discovered that after the use of pumps during the period they were unable to get an erection without using the pump.

Using weights.

Men have used this method of penis enlargement for hundreds of years. Basically you hang your weight from your penis in order to stretch it. Many ancient tribes used this method. does it work? Over time, if you use it regularly, you can achieve greater length using this method. The disadvantages are thinner penis, and because of the stretched tissue, often more difficult to get an erection and keep it. This method can also cause decrease in blood circulation to the penis, which can lead to serious problems and damage to the tissue.

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