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How to get rid of constipation ?

Constipation refers to infrequent and hard to pass movements of the bowels, in severity constipation includes complete failure of passage of stools and this is a threat to human life. Constipation can occur due to various reasons such stress, consumption of lots of artificial sweeteners, lack of enough exercise, lack of fiber and inadequate fluids in the human body and finally stress can also lead to constipation. Studies have shown that some medical conditions such as diabetes and cancer can also lead to constipation and finally age is also a contributing factor that can lead to constipation therefore as individuals age they become more prone to this problem.

How to get rid of constipation?

Constipation can be explained as a problem of delayed bowel movements  which is basically a temporary solution and therefore can positively to several home remedies that can end this problem. The home remedies are as discussed below:

1. Oil – only a tablespoon of pure olive oil taken in the morning on an empty stomach will help relieve one from constipation. Olive oil is a healthy fat that relieves one from constipation because it stimulates the intestines and gets things moving, also when regularly taken it prevents one against constipation.

2. Exercising – gentle exercises such as short walks of around thirty minutes daily are likely to relieve one from constipation this is because when exercising the smooth intestines muscles will get stretched and therefore anything that may have clogged up in the intestines will get loose hence a relieve from constipation.

3. Adequate drinking of fluids – drinking enough water or beverages relieves one from constipation, one is advised to drink not less than ten glasses of water daily while constipating and also avoid alcoholic drinks because they lead to increased dehydration.

4. Molasses – molasses is made from pure sugarcane juice that is boiled to crystallize and increase the sugar concentration; crystallized molasses contains lots of vitamins and minerals such as magnesium which helps to relieve one from constipation.

5. Coffee – coffee contains caffeine- a natural stimulant that stimulates the digestive system and helps to get things moving, however coffee intake should be controlled and not taken in excess because when taken in excess it could lead to dehydration and make the constipation problem more severe. One to two cups of coffee is what is recommended.

6. Consumption of more fiber – it’s advisable when constipating to consume foods that contain large amounts of fiber such as fruits, vegetables and grains. Fiber refers to the indigestible part of foods from plants and it stimulates the intestines to push the stool along by adding mass on the stool and therefore relieving one from constipation. More so it’s advisable when one increases the fiber content in the diet to drink more water to help move the fiber smoothly along the digestive system and avoid accumulation of gasses in the stomach.Be careful  with consuming food with more fiber – it can cause hemorrhoids or worsen the situation.
So to sum it up,vegetables and grains are great but try not to exaggerate eating them.

Sesame seeds – these help in relieving one from constipation as they soften contents in the intestines and eases the elimination process, this is because they provide roughage and add bulk to the contents of the intestines.

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