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How to make your dick bigger?

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Penis size is a big issue to many men especially during sex. Though not a big deal to some, a man with small penis considers himself to be sexually unattractive. They may also be looked down on by their partners and it is causes a great damage to their ego. A man can enlarge his penis using numerous ways. One is advised to seek consultation from a doctor to get the best option.

Weight problems can make one have a small penis. When one has extra fat around the pelvic region and stomach, this hides the penis and it tends to look very small. It also makes deep penetration difficult. The man should therefore exercise a lot to enable them to lose this extra fat. This will elongate the penis for a better look and penetration.

Surgery is a great but expensive way to elongate ones penis. If this is recommended, the man should ensure that is done in a credited hospital. Dermal tissues are used to add length to the penis. It is a short procedure and one should avoid sexual intercourse until the healing process is complete.

The PC muscle exercise enables one to increase both the length and girth of the penis. It is done by contracting and relaxing the PC muscle which is located between the scrotum and the anus. This exercise has several steps. One has to coordinate the contraction and relaxation with their breathing. The muscle should be contracted lightly, held for 5 seconds then relaxed when one is starting out. When it gets more intense, the muscle is strongly contracted and held for 5 minutes. This procedure is easy and short. Results are obtained in approximately six weeks.

Twirling the penis to different positions can also increase its length. It is moved upwards and downwards, left and right. The man should then slap it on their left hand and right thigh several times. Though this method increases the length, the girth of the penis reduces.

One should ensure they are healthy to have a maximum penis size. Poor blood flow to the penis makes it look smaller during erection. This can be caused by high blood pressure, smoking, high cholesterol levels and heart defects. People with a small penis should thus consider these factors and ensure they are treated. This will enable the penis work to its full potential.

Jelquing is another method to increase ones penis size. Its results are guaranteed to be permanent. This procedure consists of both wet Jelquing and dry Jelquing. In wet Jelquing, one should ensure their penis is well lubricated. They should then move their hand from the bottom to the tip of the penis without actually sliding it. It should be done when the penis is halfway erect. Dry Jelquing does not require a lubricant. This procedure requires a warm-up and penis stretches before beginning it.

Machines used for penile extension and stretching are also available. This process is done in a hospital or one can buy the equipments for use at home. This are attached to the penis and gently stretches them. It is done severally. One should ensure they know how to use these properly to avoid damage of their organs.

Shaving pubic hair also increases ones penis size. Long pubic hair tends to hide the penis and make it look small. Shaving it will expose its maximum size.

Getting a bigger penis is therefore a possible process when one uses a credible and great procedure. Men should be very careful not to be tricked into using fake products and methods as this could lead to severe damages.



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