“Tramadol”: what is it, release form, indications, instructions for use

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It’s no secret that medical manipulations can be very painful for patients. Also, often the recovery period after surgery causes a lot of unpleasant sensations that prevent the patient from concentrating on his recovery. To alleviate these conditions, doctors prescribe painkillers. Some of them belong to the category of narcotic drugs, therefore they are sold […]

The composition of the drug

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Since the drug is produced in different versions, then its composition varies depending on the form of release. Only the active substance, tramadol hydrochloride, remains unchanged. It is contained in one quantity or another in all preparations produced under the name “Tramadol”: in one milliliter of a solution of its fifty milligrams; about one hundred […]

Pain in a cancer patient

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THE REASONS infiltration or compression by a tumor of various structures or complications (eg, pathological vertebral fracture due to malignant metastasis) cancer cachexia (a common cause of musculo-fascial pain) oncological treatment (for example, plexopathy after radiotherapy, pain syndromes after mastectomy, neuropathy after chemotherapy) other related (eg, headache, coronary pain) TREATMENT General rules of pharmacotherapy (according […]

Tramadol in the treatment of chronic pain in cancer patients

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Opioid analgesic central action of tramadol hydrochloride (tramal) in the treatment of chronic pain in cancer patients Under opioid analgesics usually understand all natural and semi-synthetic derivatives of alkaloids as well as synthetic drugs that mimic the action of morphine. Synthetic opioids (agonists, mixed agonists – antigonists and antagonists) are classified as opioids. Tramal is […]

Clinical Pharmacology of Opioid Analgesics

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Pain relief is an essential element of medical practice and requires careful selection of the type of medication, selection of the required dose and constant objective assessment of the underlying disease. There are many situations in which analgesia is needed before a definitive diagnosis is made. In acute situations, the elimination of pain facilitates the […]